Banking Law

Banking Law

We live in a moment in history in which we see financial institutions not always acting in accordance with the due process  and in a transparent manner, thus giving rise to a multitude of unhappy and disappointed clients who feel wronged because of the conduct of those entities that form the financial and banking area of our country.

This is why Castellucci Law Firm boasts a team of professionals highly-specialised in banking negligence trained by the Colegio de Abogados de Madrid 2.
In fact, Castellucci Law Firm is able to provide our customers with specific advice and specific assistance on banking law in matters such as:

  • Multi-currency mortgages.
  • Reverse mortgages.
  • Foreclosures.
  • Promoters and estate purchase. Non-compliance by a financial entity with the requirements  under law 57/68 regarding the the receipt of an amount of money given in advance for the construction and sale of households.
  • Law of the Second Opportunity. Re-financing and debt relief.
  • Complex banking products: e.g. swaps or financial swaps, bonds, convertibles, Santander securities or Banco Popular shares. Unfair provisions in loans or mortgages:
  • Provisions  relating to consolidation and guarantee, early maturity, default interest;  clauses relating to expenses, the clause commonly known as the clause of the soil and any other clauses that generate an imbalance between the parties and do not pass the test of the required transparency.
  • Mortgage loans referred to IRPH as interest rate.
  • Damages and losses deriving from bank negligence.

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