Civil Law

Lawyers specialising in Civil Law in Madrid

In addition to Family Law – field in which we are highly experienced – and Banking Law, the staff of Castellucci Law Firm boast extensive expertise in the area of ​​Civil Law, providing our clients with legal advice for all the problems that may arise in our daily life in the context of social relationships, such as:

Claims and complaints to Public Administrations for facts deriving from patrimonial liability.

  • Enforcement in Spain of sentences issued by foreign courts (Exequatur).
  • Contract drafting and negotiation.
  • Complaints for breach of contract or for non-contractual liability
  • Eviction procedure for non-payment of the rent.
  • Defence and representation in court before judges and courts of any type and level.
  • Complaints about quantity: through the presentation of a traditional trial and a payment order. The latter is a simple and extremely agile mechanism used to request the payment of a credit with no limit when it comes to its amount.

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