Family Law

Lawyers specialising in family law in Madrid

Without ever forgetting the human side of every case, the staff of Castellucci Law Firm is always ready to effectively, professionally, and transparently deal with all the situations that may arise in the context of a family, considered in broadest definition.

  • Separations and Divorces: In the event that the litigants reach an agreement, they will be able to benefit from the advantages of the discipline of consensual divorce. On the contrary, if it is inevitable to start a legal proceedings, the staff of Castellucci Law Firm are prepared to represent our client.
  • Enforcement of judgments.
  • Custody, visitating rights and other measures taken within separations or divorces.
  • Matrimonial/civil partnership property regimes and consequences of the separation of couples.
  • Children of unmarried couples and civil partnerships.
  • Filiation/Parentage, adoption, incapacity.
  • Wills and Successions.
  • Non-contentious jurisdiction.
  • Alimony and child support.

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